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Sofia Jain-Schlaepfer

Seeds of Connection 
6 week Online Program 

You are not separate. You are nature.  Feel this inter-relationship through bird language, animal tracking and plant recognition. Find connection to nature and your inner nature.

  • belonging and connection to the natural world

  • relationships with wild animals and plants

  • skills in bird language and animal tracking

  • awareness and wildness

  • the full potential of your senses

  • a thriving inner nature

  • your natural creative expression

  • the wisdom of emotions and wounds

  • connection to your life's path and purpose

Join Us to Grow:

Tuesday evenings 5:30-7:30 PST - For 6 weeks - Begins Oct 30th

Find the answer to these questions:

Little Bird

Can you imagine bird calls alerting you to an owl hiding in a tree, even before you catch a glimpse of it? Can you imagine seeing the plants around you as friends, knowing which ones you can nibble on for their unique flavours, and which to harvest if you get cut or bruised? Can you imagine knowing what the animals around you are up to even without seeing them, but through the traces they leave. It doesn’t matter where you are, even in a city park or backyard, there is so much happening in the life around you. There is wild in the edges, birds nesting in gutters, weeds in the cracks, animal highways through the bushes. This program will bring to your awareness what is unfolding. 

Our inter-relation and belonging: Weaving a web

Have you ever felt like something is missing? Our human nervous systems are wired for connection, with not just each other, but a whole ecosystem around us. This course will give you practices to build relationships with the living world around you. We will focus on bird language, animal tracking and plants. This includes naturalist, scientific, and objective knowledge, as well as intuitive, subjective, and imaginal forms of relating. Connection is created through the body, the senses, the mind, and the heart. As threads of connection are built with the trees that house us, the animals that feed us, the plants that heal us, the soil that transforms all into new life again and again, it becomes apparent that we are not alone. In this web of connection a true feeling of belonging can be found. 

Bird LanguageSong birds are in constant communication. They happen to be the favourite food of many and so they are always alerting each other to what is going on. Our ancestors all over the world used their knowledge of bird language to locate animals, and threats. Now bird language can be used to track down your favourite animals and expand your awareness far beyond what your eyes can see.

Plants: These sunlight eating friends may be slow moving but there is a lot going on in their world. In this course you will learn tools for recognizing and working with different plant species.

TrackingThrough most of our human existence, tracking was our survival system. We don’t have big bear claws, sharp cougar teeth, amazing eagle vision, or the quickness of a rabbit, but we do have the ability to empathize, imagine and make inferences from little signs, to find our food. Tracking is the original science. It is a time-proven method of following curiosity and finding knowledge.


Our unique and full expression: Awakening wild seeds

Our inner nature is reflected in nature. As our awareness expands with bird language, so does our awareness of our internal processes. As we learn to track animals, the original science, we learn to track the patterns in our lives. As we learn to recognize plants and their healing properties, we also learn to recognize our wounds and our way forward in healing. 

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Sofia Jain-Schlaepfer

“Knowing that you love the earth changes you, activates you to defend and protect and celebrate. But when you feel that the earth loves you in return, that feeling transforms the relationship from a one-way street into a sacred bond.” ― Robin Wall Kimmerer



Week 1: Finding Ground

The first week we will focus on some general tools for opening awareness and creating connection. Including opening the senses, developing connection routines and finding a secret spot.

Little Bird

Week 2 & 3: Bird Language & Listening for Creativity

In this program we will be learning to recognize  5 different bird voices, that are recognizable amongst almost all songbirds. We will also explore different patterns in vocalization that can alert us to other animals in the area. As our awareness expands and our thinking mind quiets, creativity can flourish. We will practice bird language as an avenue for connecting to our creativity.


Week 4: Plants & Watering Wounds

During these weeks you will learn tools for how to easily distinguish and identify plants. We will also dive deeper into the edibility and healing qualities of some of the common plant families, and tap into our intuitive knowledge of plants in helping our physical and emotional wounds.


Week 5: Animal Tracking & Tracking your Unique Purpose

Tracking is a time-proven method of finding answers to your curiosity for the world around you. In this course you will learn the basics of opening yourself to all the clues and stories waiting to be discovered in the natural world. Another trail we will follow is the tracks in our lives leading us to our unique purpose.


Week 8: Harvest

We will take some time to harvest the fruits of our time together. To celebrate and integrate new awareness, connection and knowledge. Over the course of the 8 week you will develop a toolkit to carry forward with you to continue your learning and connection.

Recieve Weekly

Teachings to inspire connection and dive into bird language, tracking and plants

Nature missions to do in your own time

Opportunities to share the fruits of your missions and integrate your learning with the other participants

Deepening practices and internal reflective exercises


2h Weekly Zoom Calls

Teaching and discussion

(Recordings will be available)

Weekly Missions

3h/week recommended

You will need to find a natural area to complete these missions (park, yard, forest)

Group Support

There will be an online forum, a chance to connect with a nature buddy and space during calls to share stories and integrate learning. =

Optional 1-on-1 Mentoring Calls

This is an optional offering to allow more in depth and tailored learning, specific to you and your interests.

This Program is for You if:

You love nature and want to deepen your relationship with it

You want to connect with people who care about the environment and the future

You want to live more naturally

You want to know your true nature

You always wanted to be a naturalist

You are a naturalist and want a deeper felt connection

All birds sound the same to you

You know lots about birds but can't understand their language

All plants are the same to you

You know about plants but have never experienced intuitively knowing what a plant can be used for

This course is geared toward adults

About the Facilitator

Sofia has followed a winding path through academic science (MSc Biology), her own artistic practice, a two year nature connection immersion, and many forms of soul-workShe is dedicated to all that awakens our inner wild nature and connection to self, nature and the unseen.  


One-on-One Mentoring
(Include 2x 1h calls)

If you choose to have one-on-one mentoring we can go to a much greater depth in exploring your interest, and your particular natural surrounding.

More Opportunity for Inner Work

One-on-one mentoring is also a great option if you would like to dive more into inner work, such as finding your unique purpose, your creativity, or emotional healing. You can receive tailored practices for finding these through nature connection. 


Early Bird (Before Oct 22nd)

$180 CAN - Program

$300 - Program with 1-on-1 mentoring (2h)

After Oct 22nd

$225 CAN - Program

$325 - Program with 1-on-1 mentoring (2h)

*Scholarships available


Ready to Awaken Wild Seeds?

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