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Your Medicine Portrait

Be portrayed in the expression of your unique gifts and genius. Let your soul be seen!

Sofia Jain-Schlaepfer

Find the answer to these questions:

Who am I?

How can I feel truly seen?

How do I make a difference in the world?

How can I be in service to life?

What is my purpose?

What is the landscape of my particular psyche?

What archetype do I bring to the world?

Find Answers To:

What is your Medicine?

Your Medicine is the gift you bring to the world that is uniquely yours. We all long to have this fully realized and recognized.


Just as the trees give oxygen and homes to the animals, while the birds plant the tree's seeds and fungi redistribute nutrients, we all have different gifts that together can form a thriving ecology.

The challenges we face in life are often linked to our gifts, because in moving through challenges with our particular way of seeing the world, we develop specific resources. The Medicine we discover from our own wounds, becomes the Medicine we can offer to others.

About the Artist

Sofia has developed a wide-angle vision, that lets her see what is often missed. She dives easily into the mythic realm that lies behind everything, bringing what she finds in the Other World into this world through her paintings. She is dedicated to all that awakens our inner wild nature and connection to self, nature and the unseen.  


The Process

Book Your Call

Book your call and send me a $100 deposit to start the process

45 Min

Zoom Call

During this call I will ask a series of time tested questions to pull out imagery of your gifts.

By the end of the call:

- You will have more clarity about your purpose and medicine

- I will have a vision that I will suggest to you

Send Pictures

Once we are both happy with the imagery arising I will ask you to send me photos of yourself for reference. The rest of the fee will be due at this time.

You Recieve Your Painting

Receive the complete painting in the format of your choice. A relationship to your Medicine will continue to unfold, as the layers of meaning within the imagery reveal themselves.

Shipped within 3 weeks of receiving your photos

Each of these paintings is a seeds. Once planted in the subconscious, it will continue to grow and flourish and affect your way in the world. 

Tina Schomberg, BC

"The whole process that I underwent with Sofia to contemplate, discover and visualize the medicine that resides with me was a deep delight. When she revealed the medicine portrait to me, I cried for feeling so seen, honoured and celebrated for who I am and who I have become. Sofia's offering is medicine to help others see their medicine. I highly recommend this experience."

Randy Reed, BC

"When I viewed Sofia's portrait of me for the first time, I felt a deep sense of relief run through my entire being. A feeling that she had seen me so deeply and had seen this place inside me where my soul felt utterly content within and without.
The way the portrait represented the strength and solidity of stone holding me in the most gentle and intimate embrace really is the relationship I feel with the mountains. It was later reflected to me that those are parts of the Medicine I hold."

Karine Chevrot, France

"I was blessed to be painted by Sofia. What an extraordinary experience to discover myself through her eyes and heart. Its me and something more, a flavour of myself that I may not be fully concious of. A dialogue continues to unfold between me and the painting, to extract the essence of what I represent and form a relationship with it."
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