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"Below the fences and the concrete, the separations of modernity, are wild seeds sleeping. The potential for thriving life is also in each of us. Our fully expressive, creative, and connected selves lie waiting."

~Sofia Jain-Schlaepfer

Sofia Jain-Schlaepfer

Ancestors feed you

Trees breathe you

The ocean is in your blood

Feel Separate?


Nature IS

the creative process

Can't find Creativity?


You have a 

unique purpose

needed by

the future of life

Unsure about Life?

Sofia Jain-Schlaepfer
Tender Wild Seeds

Sofia has followed a winding path through academic science, her own artistic practice, a 2 year nature connection immersion, and many forms of soul-workShe is dedicated to all that awakens our inner wild nature and connection to self, nature and the unseen.  


"Art, science, and earth-based skills are all languages of relation with the land. "

"We are a reflection of nature. Plants teach us how to search for light, and how to draw nutrients from the past. The sky teaches us of the weather systems of our emotions. Insects teach us how to metamorphose into new stages of life..."

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